North Star creates resources and tools to aid values-driven organizations in the ethical delivery of psychedelic healing. These resources are shared open-source after signing the North Star Ethics Pledge
North Star resources break into three primary categories - legacy community, new arrivals, and business and finance.
Resource Generation
The North Star community is a multi-stakeholder coalition of people and organizations across the wide field of psychedelics.
Serving the Community
Everyone who commits to act ethically fits under the umbrella. North Star endeavors to create resources for all.
Need for these resources is determined through an ongoing inclusive stakeholder process. We seek to respond to stakeholder requests.
Stay Connected
North Star Ethics Pledge is a step in the process of centering integrity in the emerging field of psychedelics. Enter your email to stay up to date on the pledge, resource development, and the North Star community.
Context, support and guidance for elders, wisdom-keepers, researchers, clinicians and others established in the field who hold value in the form of knowledge, experience or reputation
Legacy Community
Compendium of business and economic models, psychedelic term sheet, risk mitigation questionaire and other tools for entrepreneurs and investors to ethically engage with the space
Business & Finance
Field guide for people new to the psychedelic movement, including context, orientation, history, resources and needs analysis, "how to" support, and advice from elders of the field
New Arrivals
Resource Breakdown
Ethics Pledge
The North Star Ethics Pledge gives psychedelic organizations access to shared learning, resources and tools, values-aligned donors and investors, and North Star gatherings
Coming Soon
North Star Resources are available to signatories of the North Star Ethics Pledge. The resources listed here are in production and will be published in the weeks after the pledge launch, April 25th, 2020. Enter your email address to stay up to date on resource development.
Fair and balanced term sheet for investors and entrepreneurs in psychedelic businesses that accounts for mitigating risks to patient some models pose
Psychedelic Term Sheet
Tool for values-aligned investors and entrepreneurs to assess risks in their concept to ensure patient wellbeing and organizational mission alignment
Risk Mitigation Worksheet
Compendium of business and financing models, how they are being used, and what it could look like to applying them to scaling psychedelic treatment
Alt Economic Models
Support worksheet for value- holders with questions and considerations for engaging with business, investors, conference organizers etc.
Value Holder Worksheet
Comprehensive overview of the landscape of psychedelic medicine, business opportunities, needs for infrastructure, funding, and other engagement
Market Report
Orientation to inclusive stakeholding, "how to" guide for engaging stakeholders across the field in dialogue plus mechanism for feedback to North Star
Inclusive Stakeholding
North Star Ethics Pledge
Join the community of people and organizations committed to delivering psychedelic healing to the world with integrity.
Taking the pledge provides access to resources and tools, shared learning, North Star gatherings and a values-aligned network across the wide field of psychedelics.
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