Toward a culture of reverence and self-work
Guiding Light
Psychedelics are not the next item on the conveyor belt that manufactures wealth. Working with these medicines demands deep personal inquiry—unfiltering our vision, clarifying our intention, and acting from alignment. North Star's first movement building initiative, Guiding Light, cements these practices as essential to the field.

Guiding Light helps people across the field reconnect with the magic and remember the reason they are here, creating a professional culture around learning from psychedelic elders and wisdom keepers, and embedding this practice in a weekly routine.
North Star engaged 100+ psychedelic stakeholders, including elders, clinicians, investors, and community, to develop the North Star Ethics Pledge.

The pledge is a beginning - a baseline commitment toward shaping work in the psychedelic field around integrity. The pledge is a tool for naming an intention.
North Star Ethics Pledge:
A Beginning
North Star illuminates the path toward a just, equitable, and regenerative psychedelic future through story and art, inspiring people to take it by rendering into three dimensions the transformational business models that create it, and gathering the people committed to building them into a movement of visionaries working to make it real.
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