Lessons From Another Teacher, a Psychedelic Constellations reflection by cannabis pioneer Steve DeAngelo
North Star is a nonprofit shaping psychedelic business around psychedelic wisdom, to not only evolve mental healthcare but to develop role models in the needed transformation of business as a whole.
About North Star
Psychedelics have always been disproportionately influential on society. Psychedelic business can be too.

North Star serves the psychedelic companies committed to building transformational businesses shaped by psychedelic wisdom, and inspiring others to raise their sights as well.
Help build the models that will change business forever
North Star engaged over one hundred psychedelic stakeholders, including elders, clinicians, investors, and community, to develop the North Star Ethics Pledge.

The pledge is a beginning - a baseline commitment toward shaping work in the psychedelic field around integrity. The pledge is a tool for naming an intention.
North Star Ethics Pledge:
A Beginning
We founded North Star the day we published We Will Call It Pala. In that story we illuminate a potential for psychedelic commercialization gone awry. The story ends where North Star begins:
The future of psychedelics is in your hands
We can look around today and see many psychedelic business models. But what we really need are psychedelic models for business - business that defines new standards for integrity, equity and ethics; business reimagined with a technicolor glow.
The question for those committed to psychedelic transformation in is this: what actions will we take together to keep business from shaping psychedelics and instead have psychedelics profoundly re-shape business?
North Star is a nonprofit committed to a future of worldwide psychedelic healing delivered ethically, equitably, and accessibly within and outside of commercial models. North Star's mission is to center psychedelic wisdom into psychedelic business, to not only radically improve mental health, but to develop the business practices that can serve as guiding lights in the needed transformation of business as a whole.
North Star's Mission:
Help shape psychedelic business by sharing your answer to this question:
Your voice matters
What is at risk of being lost as psychedelics are commercialized?

A few of North Star's
community partners:
Psychedelic Constellations
North Star gathers the perspectives of leaders in the psychedelic field on integrity, ethics, and psychedelic wisdom, and shares them in in our Constellations series.
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Pledge Creation Process
The North Star team came together after the publishing of We Will Call It Pala. Each of us saw a need to raise a critical dialogue around integrity in the commercialization of psychedelics. We shared a concern that moneyed interests were going to not only take power, but control the conversation. We believed there could be a better way.

That began a six month process of community dialogue. It started with a dinner with twenty of the elders we respect and admire most, asking questions around their hopes and fears for this moment in psychedelics, and what they'd like to see done. Similar dinners happened with clinicians and therapists, asking for their perspectives on commercialization and what would support them in this time, and investors oriented around impact. Here a concern was raised of a "nuclear arms race" effect, where unethical actors would have a competitive advantage to seize power, rapidly scale and control the narrative.

During this time gathering perspective, the North Star team was distilling the feedback into categories, the basis for the principles, and researching other examples of ethics commitments across industries and time. From that point forward the pledge went through four drafts, with one on one feedback with dozens and dozens of stakeholders representing different coalitions in the field.

The principles in the pledge, and the possible actions, are generated by the community. We see our role at North Star as stewarding this process, soliciting perspectives, opinions, concerns, considerations and feedback. This is reflected in the framing of the pledge - it is participatory, not prescriptive. It doesn't tell anyone how they have to behave. It invites people into a dialogue with themselves and others around what it means to put integrity at the heart of their work in the field. The hope for the pledge is that it helps people step into their own power in culture shaping, and serves as the foundation of a community that can take an ethics-first, patient-focused approach to safely scaling psychedelic healing.

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